Forced Entry


A man forces himself inside a woman’s home and rapes her. (A rape fantasy)

It was almost 2 AM in the morning. I went out with some girlfriends to go clubbing and I was tired ready to crash for the night. This was our weekly Friday ritual. After a night of dancing and drinking, we could forget about the workweek and put it all behind us for a couple of days.

I fumbled with the keys at the front door. When I unlocked the door and opened it, a man from behind grabbed me and forced himself into the apartment with me. “Let go of me!” I cried. He held onto me roughly shutting and locking the front door. I saw him waving a gun in my face. He then slapped me hard across the face with his other hand and pushed me up against the wall. Tears sprang from my eyes and I began to sob. My heart raced with fear. “Please don’t hurt me, please leave,” I begged the stranger. He slapped me again.

“Shut the fuck up, do as I say, and I won’t hurt you. Got it?” I nodded. He stood there eyeing me up and down the corners of his mouth curling up into a smile. “What a pretty little dress you have on.” I wore a tight short black dress and black high heels. He leaned in close to me, smelled my perfume and sweat, and closed his eyes widening his smile. “You smell nice.” The man stood tall leaning his body against me. He let his hand holding the gun trace over my trembling body. “Take me to your bedroom,” he ordered.

I walked towards my bedroom dreading what was going to happen. He looked like any other person to me. I didn’t know him. I turned around to face him in front of my bed. The man ordered me to sit on the bed. He put the gun on my bedside table and turned to me salivating. “Looks like I picked a good one tonight.” He brushed my long dark hair out of my face kissing me on the lips. I cringed at his touch. “You sure are beautiful.” My chest heaved from my quiet sobs. He ripped the left strap of my dress tearing the front down exposing my breasts.

“Please don’t,” I cried instinctively covering my breasts with my arms. He slapped me hard across the face.

“What did I say?” he growled at me. “Shut the fuck up, right?” I nodded and looked down ashamed. “Now put your arms down.” I lowered my arms so my breasts hung naked out of my torn dress. “Spread your legs for me.” I parted my legs, my body felt tense with fear. “Wider!” he ordered. I open them more. He grabbed my panties and ripped them off my body, the friction of the fabric burning against my skin as it came off. I yelped but kept my legs apart afraid he would hit me again.

The man took his gun off the nightstand and held it against my breasts. I couldn’t help but shake with fear. “Let me have those tits.” He pressed the gun against my abdomen as he took my left nipple into his mouth. He sucked hard nibbling on it. I winced with pain. He moved to my right nipple holding my breast with his free left hand and squeezed.

“Ow,” I cried. He then slapped my tits. He pinched his forefinger and thumb around my nipples and squeezed until I cried more tears.

“I can’t wait to fuck that pussy of yours. I bet it’s nice and tight.” He lowered himself to look at my pussy my legs were still spread. I whimpered feeling him rub the muzzle of his gun into my pussy lips.

I cried harder. “Please,” I begged fearing for my life.

He smiled his devious smile and continued to rub the end of the pistol into my slit. “You promised you would be a good girl, an obedient girl. Don’t disappoint me now.” The metal pushed into my slit as I sat there frozen afraid he might shoot me. Then he put the gun back on the bedside table.

“I know exactly what a girl like you wants when you dress like this.” The man stood up and pulled his shirt off. I looked up at him tears still streaming down my cheeks. I saw that he had tattoos across his chest and down his arms. His jeans were tight against him, so tight I could see his erection bulging through. He was big and muscular, tall and strong. He even had a handsome face. Under different circumstances, I would have found him attractive, but I was terrified of him now.

The man got back down between my legs. He began to rub his fingers over my vulva, tracing over my clit, my pussy lips, and pushing his fingers inside my hole. “This is what you want, isn’t it?” I shook my head to protest. “I know you’re a little whore.” I gasped when he entered inside. Tears fell down onto my dress as I looked at him feeling powerless. He licked my clit and sucked it while fingering my pussyhole. “Mmm…I’ve never tasted anyone so good before.” I held my breath as he slid his fingers in and out of my hole. My body betrayed me experiencing pleasure with his fingers inside me and feeling his mouth on my sex. More tears filled my eyes as I slowly reached orgasm. I felt my body shudder against my will and I tried to contain it. I didn’t want him to know he made me cum. The man buried his tongue between my pussy lips and licked deeply. “Mmmhmm, you liked it didn’t you? Look at this pussy.” He slapped it hard a few times making me sob more.

He kissed me on the lips pressing the bulge of his hard cock underneath his jeans against my vagina. I tasted myself on his wet lips feeling humiliated. The man stood undoing his jeans. He grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and shoved his phallus at my face. “Suck me, baby.” It looked so big and fat coming towards me. His dick slapped me in the face. I couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t open my mouth. He rubbed it along my lips letting his precum drip onto me. I tried to turn and pull away. He slapped me again and grabbed his hand around my throat. “I said ‘suck me’ you fucking cunt.”

I choked opening my mouth with his hand still gripping my throat. He shoved his cock into my mouth and rocked his hips back and forth. “Ooohhh, that’s right, that’s a good girl, suck me.” He moaned fucking my mouth. His dick was so big I could barely fit all of it in. He was pushing it far to the back of my throat making me choke on it. I struggled and managed to pull away from him freeing my mouth from his member. I angered him. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” He grabbed me by the arms and pushed me down on the bed. I couldn’t stop crying. The stranger slapped me hard across the face. He then kept slapping my tits bringing his knees up and spreading my legs wide apart. He held my arms down and forced his huge cock into my vagina.

“Nooo!” I cried feeling him thrusting on top of me. “Please stop, please, you’re hurting me.” I begged. The girth of it was so large I felt it stretching me apart. He shoved it hard in me humping me on the bed making it shake. The friction of his shaft sliding in and out of my tunnel hurt and tears continued to flow from my eyes. “Please stop, it hurts, please.”

He laughed deeply and breathed heavily into my ear, “Oooohhhh yes, your cunt is so fucking tight.” He laughed again and said, “Your tears are turning me on.” He placed his arms on either side of me holding his hands around my head. His weight leaned on me hard as his knees kept my legs spread wide. The flesh of his cock filled me up all the way inside as he plunged it deeply. The man pounded it into me making me cry out in pain. He covered my mouth up with his hands and kept thrusting. I felt him trace his tongue over my cheek licking up my tears. “Oh god,” he moaned humping me.

I couldn’t help it when it happened. The feel of his fat big cock stroking in and out of my tunnel began to make me feel good. Juices flowed from between my pussy lips making our genitals slippery. “You like it don’t you? I can feel your slick cunt, honey.” I cried and shook my head. I tried to push him off me, but he was too big and strong for me.

“No, please. Please don’t,” I begged him. He laughed again and moaned still shoving himself in me. As he pumped in and out of my tight wet hole, the juices continued to flow and the pleasure was too much to bear. I had reached orgasm. I felt myself tighten my pussy around his shaft while he continued to fuck me. I tried so hard to keep myself quiet, but a moan left my lips and my breathing was heavy.

“I made you cum again, didn’t I?” he laughed still stroking his throbbing cock in and out of my snatch. I looked away from him and blinked more tears from my eyes. The man climbed off the bed and pulled me to the edge. He held my legs up and apart, my dress still torn down the front. “God you’re so fucking hot.” He pinched my left nipple with his right hand for a moment making me wince with pain again. My nipples were hard. I closed my eyes hoping he would stop and leave, but he didn’t. All he did was rub the head of his cock against my labia. It was slick with my juices. I couldn’t help but feel so aroused when he kept rubbing himself on me. I looked at him wiping the tears from my eyes. I watched the sweat trickle down his tattooed chest and reach his belly button. An aching began in my pussy. His firm body looked sculpted and his tattoos only accentuated his finely chiseled build. I refused to give into the feeling. He was a stranger. I wanted him to leave, but something inside my pussy yearned to feel him fill me up again.

“Turn over. I want you on all fours.” I got on my hands and knees still trembling. My dress was pulled up around my waist. I waited afraid of what he might do next. The bed moved as he climbed on it and then I felt his fingers rub over my pussy. He got his fingers wet with my juices and rubbed it all over my vulva and asshole. Then I felt his tongue on my clit again. His fingers pushed into my asshole. I tightened up trying to scoot my ass away from him. “Stay still!” he growled at me smacking me hard on the ass. I buried my face into my pillows and cried helplessly. He smacked my ass hard a few more times until it felt raw. The man pushed his fingers into my anus and pumped them in and out. His tongue licked my clit. He covered his lips over my bud and sucked hard still fingering me. This went on for a moment longer and my body shuddered. I unclenched my asshole and came moaning into the pillow hoping he didn’t notice, but he did. “That’s right. Give in to it. I know you love it.”

I whimpered weakly feeling his fingers and mouth leave my clit and asshole. I felt his cock in their place. He pushed it inside my cunt again stuffing it all the way. The man thrusted hard into me. I couldn’t help but pant feeling his hard member fill me up. The sensation of him, his size was so big, it felt like it was massaging the inner walls of my pussy. Before I could climax again, he pulled out and pressed the head of his cock against my asshole. “No, please don’t,” I pleaded desperately. He ignored my cries and pushed on in. I cried hard feeling his big member shove its way into my asshole. He eased it in, his shaft slick with my juices. The man pushed himself all the way, filling my asshole up with his throbbing flesh. I felt stretched apart. Tears flowed and I panted feeling pain in my ass. I buried my face back into my pillows and cried. The man groaned and pumped his cock in and out of my asshole.

“Oh fucking Christ,” he moaned as he fucked me up the ass. His hips moved in a steady rhythm. The shaft slid in and out massaging the walls inside my ass. He groped at my tits cupping them in his hands. His forefingers and thumbs found my nipples and he pinched hard. I cried out in pain. The feel of his huge throbbing cock still pumping in and out of my asshole started to send waves of pleasure through me. I hid my face so he wouldn’t see as the orgasm washed over me. A moan left my lips. He fucked my ass for a few minutes longer. “With a girl like you, I have all night. Since it’s also a Friday, I’m guessing you do too.” He laughed and pushed himself deep inside my ass. I sobbed into the pillow. “I wanna cum in all your holes. Just tell me which one you want me to cum in first. Ass, pussy, or mouth?” He pulled out of my asshole.

“I don’t want you to. Please stop. Please just leave. I promise I won’t tell anyone.” I cried and shook thinking about a whole night of this. I couldn’t bear the thought.

He laughed at me while I remained on all fours. I felt the sting of a smack to my ass and cunt. He continued to spank me until I was sore. He smacked and smacked until I couldn’t take it anymore and I cried out “pussy” just to make him stop smacking. “Pussy it is.” The stranger shoved his hard cock into my pussy from behind and fucked me hard. I heard him moaning as he thrusted holding onto my hips. He seemed to grow even larger while inside me and I yelped out at the feeling. “Oh fuck,” he groaned as he slammed inside once more before exploding his load. His body pushed into me as he released his hot semen inside. When he pulled out of me, I felt the stranger’s seed spill from between my pussy lips. I sobbed to myself lying face down. I felt ashamed and I didn’t want to look at him.

The bed creaked as he lay down next to me. He stroked my hair and ran his hand down my back resting on my ass. “You like it bareback, don’t you?” he whispered to me as I cried. It was cruel. “You like it when a man cums inside of you, don’t you?” he said to me. I felt his fingers caress my cunt. It was raw and sore from him fucking me roughly. He turned into me and leaned up against me so I could feel his erection. It raged pressing against me. His phallus never went limp after he came. “You turn me on so much.” I raised my head to look at him. He smiled and kissed me hard on the lips. Beads of sweat formed across his forehead.

My body turned over when he leaned into me and he forced his way in between my legs. I breathed heavily still feeling myself fill with dread. His hard body rolled on top of me and I struggled underneath him. I wriggled and squirmed beneath his weight. “Please stop it. I don’t want you to do this anymore. Can you please just leave? Please?” It came out in sobs. I could feel his erection push up against my vulva. It seemed to grow larger as I whimpered. Some of his seed spilled out of my vagina.

“Oh but you’re just turning me on more, baby.” He snickered and forced his big hard phallus into me. More of his cum pushed out of my slit and he pushed himself on top of me. I held my breath for a moment feeling his big fleshy cock fill me up all the way. There was something so devious about his smile it frightened me. More tears flowed as he continued to thrust that big thing wildly in and out of me. Even though I found myself cumming again on his member, it was still big enough to hurt me. I didn’t want it up my ass again. It’s as if he read my mind because he pulled out of my snatch and held my legs up.

“Noooo,” I whimpered feeling him press his cock head up against my anus. I cried harder as he forced himself inside my ass once again. The man fucked me up the ass holding my legs up. He grunted and pushed smiling that devious smile at me. My vision blurred so much I couldn’t see for a minute so many tears were filling up my eyes. His big dick hurt me as it stretch my ass open again.

“Oh yes, what a nice tight ass.” He thrusted himself in a little longer. I started to feel that sensation of pleasure deep within my ass. I tightened my mouth so I wouldn’t moan. He didn’t know he was making me cum again. I closed my eyes shut and tears leaked down. I felt the stranger pull his cock out and rub his head over my cunt. Our genitals were slippery from our cum. He slid his member across my lips and pushed it inside hard and fast. I yelped again surprised at his roughness and quick thrusts. He pounded into my pussy now. I heard him grunting pushing himself in me.

“That hurts,” I moaned feeling my pussy betray me once again. His fat cock was so big and he was so rough every thrust hurt my tender pink hole. I saw him flash that smile again and he pounded into me harder when I told him it hurt. I cried more burying my face into his shoulder. But his dick kept bumping into my g-spot hard and fast making me cum. I couldn’t help but moan loudly, my pussy juices leaked out and dripped down my ass.

“See? I knew you liked it. Oh yes…now I want you on your stomach.” He grabbed me and flipped me over stuffing my pillows underneath my tummy. I felt him shove the head of his cock back into my asshole again. I winced with pain at the feeling of him pushing his meat all the way in. He started pumping hard into my asshole making me cry out again. “Are you my whore?” He growled at me. His hands reached around to my tits and he squeezed my nipples with his forefingers and thumbs again.

“Yes,” I shrieked in pain. He kept fucking me in the ass making me cum again. I buried my face into the blanket as he once more came inside me. His cock spasmed and squirted his semen inside my asshole. I felt him shove it deep inside me and I cried feeling it flood my ass. When he pulled out, I felt it leak out. I lay there face forward feeling so humiliated.

“God you’re such a good fuck. You know that. I’m definitely going to miss you. I might have to come back again. You won’t tell anyone about me, will you?” He grabbed my hair at the back of my head lifting my head off the bed. I struggled looking up at him. He forced his cock into my mouth.

“No, I won’t tell anyone.” I cried softly choking on his member.

“I know you won’t because I’ll be watching you all the time. I’ll come by when you least expect it. If you tell anyone about this, it’ll really hurt the next time. You’ll wish you were never born. Got it?” he grunted at me.

“Yes, I promise. I won’t tell anyone.” I tried to pull away from him. He pumped his hard prick in and out of my mouth covered in our cum. More tears ran down my face.

“Yea, taste it. Lick my cock clean. That’s a good girl.” He thrust his hips and fucked my mouth for a few minutes longer pushing his big fat dick to the back of my throat making me choke on it. I tried to take it all into my mouth as my jaw ached stretching open. My tongue licked the length of it and the taste of us on his wet warm cock flesh was good. “Taste good doesn’t it?” He smiled at me. I struggled away from him on the bed.

“Take that dress off. I want you naked. Leave your heels on though,” he commanded. I followed his orders and took off my dress leaving my black heels on. “Now lie back on the bed and spread your legs apart.” I did so feeling ashamed. Some of his cum still dripped from my ass. “Lift them up.” I did. “Now finger fuck yourself. I want to watch.” I pushed my fingers inside my own pussy lips and worked them in and out. “Oh yea, that’s it.” He stroked his hardening cock in his hands. “Let me see something…” he went digging around in my bedside table. I turned a deep crimson when he pulled out my vibrator. A realistic looking big cock that vibrated loudly. “I knew you would have something like this.” He snickered at me. “This will work perfectly.”

He climbed back on the bed and turned on the vibrator. He pressed it against my clit and I couldn’t stop moaning. Tears came out of my eyes but my mouth formed an O and a heavy sigh left my lips. He pushed the vibrator deep inside my pussy with my legs spread up in the air. I felt so humiliated. He rubbed it over my clit for a little while and shoved it back inside my pussy. The vibrator was not nearly as big as he was. I found myself cumming again, against my will as he fucked me with my own vibrator. I turned my face away from him and closed my eyes as I felt him move the vibrator in and out of my asshole. I moaned softly and began to beg him to stop. The man shut the vibrator off and tossed it aside.

He climbed on top of me and buried his throbbing cock inside my cunt once more. My legs were still raised up in the air. This tightened my hole around his meat pole and I moaned loudly when he thrusted harder and faster. I was cumming once more feeling the thick flesh of his phallus slide in and out of my slick warm tunnel. He was massaging my cunt walls with his cock again and the pleasurable feelings washed over me again against my will. I didn’t want to cum again while he fucked me, but I did anyway. I pushed my face against his shoulder so he wouldn’t see me. But the squishing between my legs, juices leaked out of my slit I couldn’t stop trembling now from the orgasm. I was panting heavily now and he continued to plunge his cock deep into my pussy fold. “You like this don’t you?” He leaned to kiss the tears streaming down my cheeks still smiling that devious smile. I shook my head no, but my body couldn’t fight it. He pulled his dick out and rubbed it over my vulva. “Oh my fucking god you feel so good,” he groaned at me. He shoved it into my ass and fucked me harder and faster. I closed my eyes and grabbed onto the bed sheets tightly as he fucked me in the ass. The stranger slid his cock in and out of my asshole steadily making me cum. When he heard me moaning softly from the orgasm, he laughed maniacally and pushed himself inside harder.

I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing I felt so humiliated. I looked at him my shaking body beneath him. I ran my hands over the muscles of his arms feeling the bumps of his tattoos underneath the pads of my fingers. I wanted him to stop, but part of me, that part inside wanted him to keep going, and he was fucking me so hard I couldn’t speak.

“Oh fuck you feel so good.” As he fucked me in the ass, he pulled out and plunged it deep into my cunt. His cock was so big it made me feel so much pleasure when he switched holes. The stranger humped his dick into my snatch my juices dripping down my inner thighs. I moaned and panted. “You like that huh?” He pulled out of my cunthole and shoved it back into my asshole fucking me furiously. I cried feeling him thrust into my tight ass again. He fucked me in the ass for a while longer as I whimpered and moaned in pain and pleasure.

“Get on the floor, on your knees. I want to cum in your mouth.” I obeyed him and got down on my knees. I opened my mouth and waited for him to finish. The man stood over me stroking his big hard member in his hand. In another moment he groaned and his cock spasmed. He shot ropes of cum into my mouth and onto my tits. I kneeled there with my mouth open filled with his cum feeling gobs of it land onto my breasts. “Swallow it,” he ordered me. I did as he asked.

He warned me again not to tell anyone threatening to make things worse for me. He also promised he would return to make sure I knew he was in control of things. After he left, I showered in hot water to try to wash away that dirty feeling. I lay in bed naked and cried for a long time until I fell asleep.

Hmmm… I guess I should make a continuation for this.

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